About Us

Who We Are

GFA Production (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a professional First Aid Products and Health Care manufacturer with a strong R&D team and an outstanding organization management. As an international and professional First Aid Products and Health Care manufacturer, we help reduce cost and create market value for our clients by integrating research, development, production and distribution in our company.

Our International Team & Certification

The company has a senior leadership team with abundant of international management experience. Coupled with our broad vision, we make accurate judgments and fast responses to meet the evolving needs of a changing health care environment.

With SFDA, USFDA, CE and Health Canada certification. including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, our company have a huge professional quality control team that is proven to be able to strictly and thoroughly carry out inspection in order to ensure product conformity with international standards.

Our Location

We are located in the beautiful Xiamen city, a famous tourist spot located in the southeast coastal area of China and to the west bank of Taiwan Strait. Xiamen is commonly known as “Marine Garden” or “Marine Pearl”. Xiamen boasts unblocked communication, convenient transportation, unique regional culture, picturesque natural landscapes, with evenly warm oceanic climate. Xiamen is continuously charting its course towards modernization, thus is always catching the eye of the world.

Our Innovation & Manufacturing Quality

In order to keep pace with globally advanced technologies, our company has continuously introduced automated equipment and high quality machines. We also conduct relentless innovation, research and development. Our company is able to customize first aid kits with any components, and also design any specific labels or logos in accordance to our customer’s requirements. With regular inspection and detailed diagnosis of our equipment, our company ensures each production condition is in its optimal status.

Our Products

The company adheres to the principle of “Quality First & Saving Lives”, and thus all our manufactured products have an outstanding performance. Each delicate and perfect product is made up of many great smaller components. We consistently use raw materials from universally known manufacturers which have passed inspection against international standards. With professionalism, high requirements and an attitude of seeking continuous improvement, our company intent to create the perfect product to satisfy customers demands.

Our Industry Practices

Our company upholds the business concept of “Belief and Practice”. With humanistic management system, we require team leaders to make instructions and supervisions in the production line at all times. We constantly remind our workers to practice cautiousness and conscientiousness in each step. The company follows the 6S Principle, which is the basis for superior quality. Such spirit is deeply rooted within the activities of each of our employees and is carried out successfully with team work.

Our employees have higher educational attainment and professional working background. In order to strictly control production lines and logistics system, all of our employees receive professional ISO training. Thus, we are able to provide a solid guarantee of quality for each and every different demand for every customer.

The company adopts independent engineering software to carry out office work. Our employees work based on a shared network at all times to ensure high production efficiency of various first aid kits comprising of any components. Our output is increasing at the rate of five times annually, and with a total of 52 high-tech production lines, we are able to ensure an output of a 20” container at every hour.

With an active and prompt spirit, the company has customers throughout the world, including the world’s largest retailers. Our customer service team sticks to the principle of “Service Customer First”. Through a highly efficient ERP system providing transparent information, customers can obtain product status instantaneously at any time, and have a basis to trace the Purchase Order. No matter where you are in the world, our service is always available to you.

From Us to You

Our senior management personnel have engaged in design and production of First Aid and Health Care products for the past 14 years. Thus they have an abundance of experience. In product manufacturing, we pay close attention to the practicality of each product to meet our customer requirements at the largest extent. In product design, we are always committed to providing our customers with the perfect design plan, and we ensure that our first aid kits and products of various types are saving lives in every corner of the world.

By focusing on customers and promoting development within our service, research and development team, we sincerely provide for each and every of our customers a complete and overall service.

You are welcome to visit GFA Production (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. and negotiate business with us. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperation with you.